Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spiral Staircase and Steep,Steel Ladder .

They call it Faro Cabo Cape Bojeador, as it set majestically on a hill overlooking the South China Sea, located approximately 35 kilometers north of the City of Laoag, the lighthouse is the most accessible of all lighthouses in the north of the Island of Luzon. It was built in 1892 and is still functioning to date, serving ships passing by the northern part of South China Sea. This is one of the famous historical landmark in the province of Ilocos Norte.
As i was sitting in the terrace in my room nothing to do much, I am fascinated with this pieces of clothes that i bought the past week. As i am craving to wear this as soon as possible, i got an idea how about taking pictures of this stuff and begin to post it in a blog. Yah, i am so much addict taking pictures of my self and why not give it a try for just something new. I am so lucky that this famous historical heritage found near by down town of our place was the first thing that i remember where in fact its the best concept for my out fit, isn't it? It took us 5 minutes just to reach this place. 
Oh well. Let's start with what i am wearing in this photo. As you Can see in my pictures, you may noticed that different style in just one shirt? Yeh,there is a lot of ways where in you can fix this shirt not just only once, twice, thrice or even in all aspects on how you may create a style within this shirt.


TOP: with wing in olive by UNISEX
PANTS: Drop Crotch Pants in shimmering Black by UNISEX
 LEG WEAR: Forever 21
FOOT WEAR: Strappy Creepers

What i do like the most with this creation is that, it suits everything. It can be street-style, Bar hopping, also in different parties. You can wear only one piece in different occasions....IKR? Lol. UNISEX is owned by one of the famous designers here in our country. His name is Mr. JP SINGSON, a very warming and approachable person.UNISEX is one stop online shopping hub offers new and recycled clothing and accessories for male, female and anything in between! Please Check this link for information and inquiries :) (

UNISEX  "Boy...Girl...Fuck it...wear U-nisex! Your gender bending solution to your fashion emergencies"

 It was a great day for me having this kind of self fulfillment. Before anything else, I would like to thank of course my assistant Miss Barry Grande for the wonderful shots and also for refreshing me up. I love you my Dear. <3

Nice Sunset though. :) Follow me guys Thank you ;)<3

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