Thursday, February 16, 2012

HYdra oh HyDRA

I always wanted to wear boots...not the typical boots that you have seen from everybody, but a unique one. it was my second time wearing boots for all of my life. It was way back my high school days was the last time. As fashion goes on its own,,,, i noticed my self that wearing different abstract of boots is so much satisfaction knowing that its one way thing you can express your self trough wearing this thing...(Not a generally suggestion, but in my own way):). 
Actually, I do wanna buy a hilarious heels which called the "Heel Less Shoes" but as of the moment i don't have yet enough money to buy one. Thank God, as i keep on scrolling online shopings just within the Philippines, I accidentally found out this Site

The first time i saw this boots was "Oh lah lah". This is what i've ever wanted in my whole life hahahahaah, funny thing but its true:))) What i do love about this stuff, is that the stroppy thing with metal buttons. It's not like a typical girl thing collection but it has a manly side of it. Having a 4 inches wedge boots is like you see the beauty of the world.....Right guys?....hahahahaha
And i am so much excited wearing this one. Cant wait to flaunt this to the public.... They may see me seems so funny thing but who cares, Wearing a GOLD DOT product is one way you can show to the world that you owe your own products. Its just that i am a proudly Filipino and super proud wearing a 100 % Philippine product.

I'm going too sing "YOU DA ONE" by Rhianna when evah em gonna wear this thing.... I Love You my New Shoes........xoxo....
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  1. followed your blog through google friend connect sweetie!!! :) :) :)