Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jaemie Express

Just having a hard time for the past weeks. Lot of   works to finish and lots of paper works to come. Just to have fun for my off duty, here's me wearing my new baby HYDRA boots from Gold Dot couture. It seems that day was so so cloudy and windy, that's why i prefer wearing my new blazer matching it with favorite printed leopard tank top.

I wanted to wear like this during duty session at my work but it doesn't suites this. hahahah. Why? secret :) It was a great day for me from a period of tiredness from work, but walking with this incredible oh lala boots and of course the total appearance is much totally refreshing.hahah Why? i just dont know, if other people seeing me wearing like this is idiot.haha but for me its totally Outrageous.

Thank you Cousin Quinzel Padaong for my yah sister <3
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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for visiting. I haven't see you around the city but you look familiar. :D Nice to find another blogger friend in blogspot! :D I LOVE your fringe bag, BTW and your strappy footwear on your previous post!