Monday, April 16, 2012

The New Found Glory "PALPALUKADA"


PALPALUKADA is the newly discovered Tourist destination in Burgos,  Ilocos Norte. I have no idea that one of the towns in Ilocos Norte found this 7th heaven i called. The first time i saw this was documented in Jessica Soho a documentary show in the Philippine television GMA 7.

And i was deeply shocked, knowing that its a way near down town the next after our town. And its a totally great, seeing this beautiful spot is just like having been to a world of fantasy.

PALPALUKADA found just within the town of Burgos, Ilocos Norte. Before Reaching this spot, you should take a stop first in their tourist center just inside their municipal hall wherein you can ask for assistance. Going there has a little bit roughly roads and a 15 minutes to travel.

This Heaven sent paradise was totally awesome.... when you reach this site, you can also see KAPURPURAWAN and BANGUI WIND MILL. I suggest that you must bring your zoom lens to take a great pic with the area, and unfortunately i didn't bring mine, so sad cant capture some of the views here.

When we finally reached the place, I met Manong Oscar. One of the Tour Guide who owns a horse named Carlo. He told me everything about the place on how Palpalukada discovered. He said that, its a month ago since this place was discovered especially when this spot featured on television.

Not just a site seeing that Palpalukada can give you. You can also try Horse back riding while seeing the place and explore every part of it was totally mesmerize me.

The best part of  Palaplukada is seeing the south china see, embracing every single fresh air of the area. The cool breeze and  of course the natural resources of the place.

All i can say before ending up this, Hoping that for the past days, months and years, this tourist spot remains its content. And to to those who loves to see this place, please love it as this place welcome you and love you too. :)

Thank you :)
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