Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.♥

Its been 2 years since i visited this place and i do really miss all the beautiful serenity that Pagudpud Beach has to give. Me and my friends during high-school and college decided to have an over night trip just to miss each other and reminiscing the jolly past days.

 As i scrutinizing what em gonna wear for the out of town trip, i just decided this look for the whole day. Wearing Plain plunging neckline Top matching with Palatzo Pants and very neon colored accessories. I just loving it. <3

Anyways, meet them my long time friends. from L-R (Me, Alyana Ruiz, Crizelda Liban, Mariane Avila, Jerby Manibog) I never meet them for two years. Some of them went to other countries and some of them in near by provinces. I really missed them like there's no tomorrow, Talking much under the sun is really quite cool but i felt Skin irritating. Hahahahahha, it's just ok, as I've said "Tans will fade, but the memories will last forever ♥".

Just loving the silhouette portion of this pic especially the crystal lights of the sea water:)<3 

Taking pictures is a must....Anywhere i go, my baby is with me always and for evah:P

Thank you Pagudpud for the so so so much fun you have given us....Till next time Bye- Bye<3

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